1. maika

    wow, that is such a nasty thing to say. You sound like a wonderful person to have a life with. Enjoy marrying an empty shelled fake-breasted woman, if you are even rich and good looking enough to find someone like that… or just growing old alone. Ass.

    • dooood

      what is worse? not wanting to completely ruin a beautiful woman’s body not to mention the entire relationship?

      or looking for men and judging them primarily on wealth and looks?

      women are full of shit and marriage is a bullshit institution.

      • maika

        im definitely not full of shit. I am a fairly serious woman that chooses a man based on his intelligence, his passion, and our chemistry. I have been known to date men that are not attractive, because they have something special about them. And i tend to run away from guys that have too much money, because most of them are arrogant bastards. I think it is important for a woman to try and slim down after having a kid, cos it could ruin the relationship… But saying such derrogatory jokes really makes me angry. I find it so offensive. And what do you mean about ruining a beautiful women’s body? Are you against having children? Or just interested in letting the less attractive women have kids? What a silly comment…

  2. Nekkid Dawg

    Aaaand what is this site’s name?

  3. mensuckass

    really??? that’s the comment that won? wow
    Like men are so fucking great, puleaseeeeee.
    That’s why you find so many whiny men now a days because they are all assholes and end up alone.
    They are fat, hairy, ugly and smelly but still think they are great because they are men lmao

  4. mensuckass

    And for your information that comment is so invalid because I know many men who would love to get married and many women who couldn’t care less about marriage.
    Fear of commitment comes in both sexes.

  5. Juaquin ingles

    Good work baiting out the fat chicks cc, now hand me that tranquilizer gun!

  6. Nubcake

    Butthurt much? Good lord some of you have a stick up your ass.

  7. Can someone please tell me who this is?

  8. Tinka

    Where’s the “thumbs up” button on this thing for non-Assbookers? Brilliant! And for the haters, what are you doing on The Superficial? We laugh at people and their appearance here.

  9. Colostomy Bag

    Even in her pre-’hungry hippo’ pics, you could tell there was a fat woman in there trying to get out.

  10. Shallow Mike

    Holy shit… I just looked up images of her. What the hell has she been eating? I am married with 3 kids. My wife has some stretch marks and sags a bit here and there and I am fine with it, but if she looked like that she’d be finding somewhere else to sleep.

  11. maika

    i dont choose men based on wealth, and i often go for a guy based on his brain and our chemistry, rather than his looks. I dont have any problem with men in general, but i have a problem with the comments some of them decide to voice. Mouth bigger than brain? I love the superficial, but i dont find the comment funny, i find it cheap. I find it a bit sad that you, shallow mike, would kick the mother of your kids to the curb for having weight problems after having a kid. Guess thats why you are called Shallow Mike. Hope you arent serious about that comment…i feel sorry for your kids if you are. How about helping that person to lose weight by positive encouragement.

  12. Erin

    goddamn, peeps be sensitive. I’m a married pregnant woman. I still thought this was hella funny. If I end up looking like that long-term I wouldn’t blame my spouse for leaving me. I wouldn’t even remotely be the person he married anymore. I’d leave him too if he suddenly decided he was going to get stupid enormous and stay that way.

    • boohoo

      No offence but you sound like an idiot. If your husband leaves you it wont be because you’re fat its just because you’re stupid.
      Marriage is “till death do us part” not “till you get fat”
      If you can’t understand that then you have no respect for marriage and should not be married.
      If all you value yourself is for your looks than you suck.

  13. EricLr

    Looks like we’ve got a lot of first time visitors to the site today.

  14. lahope

    LMAO the comment on Nicole. Lighten up girls. It’s not only not attractive to be fat, it’s not healthy. Why do fatties keep trying to justify themselves and each other? Admit you have a problem with food and start to deal with your addiction.

  15. Mamamia

    Um yeah, have you seen 40 year old men lately? Fucking disgusting. At least women have somewhat of an excuse. Men are supposed to be more athletic.

  16. Jimmy

    I seen her drinking the hell out of the wine on that show, looks like she’s still hitting the bottle!!

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