1. Cock Dr

    I’ll bet she does a lot of snarfing.

  2. ktulu

    Wow man isn’t she like younger than 25. I almost feel bad for her she looks like ass.

  3. jeffiner

    what the f is wrong with her top lip these days, and why is she trying to look like her mom?

  4. J.C.

    Holy shit. What happened to Heather Locklear?

  5. Buddy the Elf

    No Fair.
    Who Photoshopped the hook out of her mouth?

  6. Blech

    Hah! Good one.

  7. Jimmy

    Old school snarf I assume

  8. spartacus

    Skank without a watch!

  9. tlmck

    Oh wait… Wasn’t that necklace hanging in my shop yesterday?

  10. BAHAH

    I’m kinda embarrassed in that fact that I used to call her pretty.

  11. Provisionalnews

    is she getting fate ? :D

  12. Gray

    When I saw this photo I thought who is this old chick from some mob wife reality show but after straining my eyes a little closer I went Holy Shit! That’s Clepto Lindsay. What the fuck happen to this chick? She looks 49 and retired. Oh well, once you let the booze and coke flow through your system, it’s bound to age you and makes you think you can keep getting free shit out of rich guys who won’t give you the time of day now that you no longer look like a perverts wet dream.

  13. Jimmy

    Yes she looks old and washed out!
    Wouldn’t surprise me if she were the next one to bite the dust!

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