1. Peteygayfuk

    Instead of wasting time trying to come up with a funny caption, all anyone needs to do is post the word “Douche”.

  2. Jeff

    Omar comin’ yo! And he looks FABULOUS!

  3. achilles wrath

    He’d get the crap kicked out of him if he walked round here looking like that!

  4. Joaquin ingles

    Such a POS on mobile now, WTF happened?

  5. Darth Vader

    The douche is strong with this one!

  6. Mark B

    2013 Russel Brand collection.

  7. Skippy Jim-Johns

    Since when are the homeless of interest to Fish?

  8. skunk

    will smith Hancock

  9. anonymous

    Someone’s borrowing his girlfriend’s clothes.

  10. Look Forest will get a shrimp boat and you can play with my prawn all day.

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