1. squishy

    Pick up your pants and lose the schmuckie glasses you little turd!!

  2. tomjenk

    He’s wearing Kutcher pants.

  3. JustJoking

    He is the epitomy of douche. Cant wait til his 15 min. are up.

  4. Ben There

    I think this no talent, bad attitude, “no clue about real life” turd, is down to that last 30 seconds before the record company flushes his legacy away.

    I worked in the record industry for 20 years, and the second his sales drop, they will dump him like a bad piece of chili. For 5 years this kid hasn’t had to pay a single bill (the record company handles that for high profile artists) and any request was a phone call away.

    However, the second his earning capacity drops, the record company will be first in line, to be paid back for everything, and at an inflated rate.

    Every major artist has faced this for the past 30 years, this egotistical little moron is not the exception. I’ll bet he files BK within 2 years of the time they dump him, which is just around the corner.

  5. Muffin top, quilted pants belted around his knees, shitty tattoos, quiff hairdo.
    This is how you attract girls.

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