1. Cock Dr

    Best shot in a short week.
    Good luck to ya Mittens. Keep tything hard and perhaps Jesus will ignore your attitudes towards the poor.

  2. mike

    I think all of us will be needing some Good Luck after Berry tanks the economy.

  3. maeby

    He has to pump his own gas?!? He must be so embarrassed!

  4. Ruth

    Hahahahahahah! Now I will forever see Campbell in Mittens.

  5. Mama Pinkus


  6. squishy

    Love you Bruce!!!

  7. Cody42

    He doesn’t have The Chin. Pfft.

  8. Duck86

    So, this is what they mean by “put gas in your car”

  9. He fucking wishes.

  10. KatieG

    How DARE they sully Bruce that way.

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