1. Hahahaha well done!!

  2. FX

    That huge mother fucker big booty ass!!!

  3. Mike Hunt

    Latin name : Gluteus Preposterus

  4. elephantman

    Is that really how big her ass has gotten?

  5. Navajo

    She looks like Genesis P’Orridge these days.

    I’ll wonder if she can double fist her ass.

  6. CeCe

    Omg has this photo been doctored?? Is her ass really that enormous now?

  7. Jeff

    I’ve never seen anyone play both ends in a horse costume before.

  8. kirby

    It must be nice knowing that you did your part holding down the Earth’s crust.

  9. AteIsEnough

    Holy shit!! Quite literally I might add.

  10. chicka

    what a fake-ass fake ass!!! :-P

  11. zomgbie

    this might explain why she’s had her mind focused so much on those buttfuckers lately.

  12. squishy

    Christina desperately yearning to enter the Centaurs of America League and they are having Neeheehee of it!!

  13. Tyler Perry

    No way that’s real.

  14. Bobbie


  15. Gigi

    I am so going on a diet.

  16. JustJoking

    This is so obviously photoshopped. Saw her on the redcarpet at this event on TV, looked nothing like this. You people are so gullible.

  17. Biff

    That is so disgusting….can’t possibly be real.

  18. Joseph Ward

    is she becoming a minotaur? horse humans are called minotaurs right?

  19. John

    I remember the first time I smuggled a midget into an award show.

  20. it looks like Kelly Rippa is sitting on her that black co-host’s shoulders under a dress

  21. wtf

    This literally made me say “what the fuck” about 4 times in a row outloud.

    What the fuck.

  22. Josie

    she looks terrible

  23. Evangelista

    What the heck is happening to her? I guess this is the downside of being beanpole-skinny in one’s youth…

  24. Mama Pinkus

    I understand she has the power be able to tell executives wanting her to be a beanpole to fuck off and that she is proud of her curves, but she is passing from curvy to downright blimpy at a lightning speed.

    • welldoneson

      People who think “executives” want their artists to be a bean pole should fuck off. The world is full of fat women, the very idea that this bag should be proud of looking this way is amazingly stupid.

  25. LOL

    Did she rub diarrhea on her cheeks?

  26. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    I’ve seen smaller Zeppelins.

  27. SmirnoffClone

    In Soviet Russia, Ass wears you!

  28. Jules

    My dogs could eat for a month off that hiney!

  29. MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU… watch out load truck

  30. So Fake

    This is so fake or a really bad angle….I saw her perform live on The Voice a few weeks ago and she was very petite. Not an accurate representation at all.

  31. she all alone for the sheer fact that no one wants to pulled into her asses orbit.

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