1. Cock Dr

    Only Death will stop his ceaseless quest for the One Ring.

  2. Carla

    Eddie Munster wants his scalp back, damn.

  3. me

    Had to make those blue instead of red,. don’t want the poors to realize we’re using china as the new model for america.

    • reality

      okkkk buddy…. go ahead and get that vote in for 4 more years of careless bailouts and handouts the the lazy ass people leeching this country to death…. you think europe is in trouble give us 5 more years and see what a us dollar will be worth. in the end the morons always win

    • AbRtFl

      Libtards: too stupid to realize that following the Chinese model would actually be a GOOD thing. Give businesses access to cheap labor and we might be able to manufacture things again. Could you imagine China borrowing money from US so they could pay a guy a million bucks a year to walk around dressed up as a big yellow bird?

      Don’t be racist. Vote Obama 2012!

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