1. Cyrus Willard

    All you can eat Buffett

  2. Martina

    Guys used to want to pork her, now it seems she’s had too much pork.

  3. peepee

    Did Hillary pound my plump ass with the ol’ strap-on?? Uh, “YEAAAAH!!!”

  4. anonym

    i’d still hit it.

    looks like she knows how to give a mean BJ

  5. Luopis


  6. neo

    Whatup, Shelf Butt?

  7. Little Tongue

    I don’t know what’s going on with her face but she’s starting to look a bit like Honey Boo Boo. o_O

  8. Carla

    Man, I thought this was Brooke Hogan with PMS bloat.

  9. Feral b

    Looks like K-Fed just told her about the two-dollar chilli dogs…

  10. fat girl farts are the best

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