1. Cock Dr

    Not caring for fur myself I would have gone with a hot pink velvet trim.
    The level of douchery displayed here is quite remarkable.

  2. Joaquin ingles

    Is that his Sith apprentice behind him?

  3. Radadoon

    That coat looks like something King Bruce the Gay III would wear back in Middle Earth.

    • Bouncy Castle, London, UK

      I’m betting King Bruce the Gays I and II were’t as gay as they made out to be, if there’s a III.

  4. dooood

    its like so duchey its almost cool looking.
    idk man. maybe i’m a duche now. where is my mind going…

  5. floyd

    jew pimp

  6. Desperate ploys for attention don’t get much more blatant than this.

    Whoever said any publicity is good publicity needs their corpse slapped.

  7. Radadoon

    We can pray all those dead mink will haunt his every minute of slumber.

  8. carrie

    does anyone else see the foot in the high heel in between his feet? either kourtney is hidden behind this monstrosity, or scott has been taking feeding lessons from khloe.

    • Grand Poobah

      maybe he is taking his third leg out for a stroll :)

    • whatsmynameagain

      It’s probably Kourtney. You can see black hair behind him and also her brother behind her. Not that it matters, but can you blame her for hiding?

  9. Carolyn

    Hair approaching mulletdom! What a useless shitbird.

  10. Venice

    James Earl Jones wore this look better in Coming to America!

  11. Tinka

    This is by far one of my favourite comments ever!

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