1. logan

    Oh Miz Carey knew exactly the look she was sporting. How could you have something pulled that tight into your cha-cha and not know it.

  2. I would have offered the photographer quadruple of what he made just to keep that pic under flaps…I mean “wraps.”

  3. Looks like the stairway to heaven to me.

  4. sarah

    She’s got quite a wad in that Wookie Wallet!

  5. Crab Alley

    Her voice must be getting pretty lousy nowadays if that’s the only way she can hit the high notes.

  6. anonym

    those babies left a huge camel toe

  7. Chantal

    How tight are those pants!!!?

  8. That’s no camel toe, that is the whole camel and Saudi Arabia .

  9. willydick

    that camel is hungry

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