1. Cock Dr

    Why does she do this? If it’s just a simple cry for attention is there any way to do it without hurting my eyes so?

  2. Are you sure the sandwich isn’t singing, “Feed me, Tara…feed me allll night long”—specifically, feed it human blood?

  3. Mirko

    Wow, epic product placement.

    The marketing guy who paid her really knew what he did…!

  4. Happy_Evil_Dude

    I feel so validated!

  5. turd da third

    That is just nasty, a definite spermbelly without a doubt!

  6. I think she looks good. I’d fuck her.

  7. I think she is just trying to live her life and sadly she made an awful surgery mistake in her 20′s.

    • blurpy

      I’ve always wondered what happened with that. Turns out she wanted a six pack for a movie, so got plastic surgery. In her 20′s. Seriously, do some exercise like everyone else, what the fuck!

  8. One time in Band camp I stuck a Torta up my ass

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