1. Totally lol’d… fucking awesome comment man

  2. somerandomchic

    Congrats to Whitney, tomorrow will be 15 days sober!!!

  3. Crankybitch

    Too soon!

  4. Terry

    Fuck her! The crack whore is dead.
    Good! She was a goddamn train wreck.
    Her limo driver tried intervening but she told him he was nothing but “THE LIMO DRIVER”. So that goes to show you boy and girls, when you’re an underling don’t go trying to tell these motherfuckers like the late Whitney what you think they should do, this a and that.
    They going to pull serious rank on that ass.

  5. Shutter Speed

    So some Dj’s got suspended for stating she was a crack whore? can people not handle the truth anymore?

  6. Jimmy

    RIP Whitney!! The Rest of you,,, Like your all a bunch of Angels?
    No one is perfect and those who say they are F*** U for not telling the truth!

  7. on

    Huhuhaha where is my banana

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