1. NOI

    Immediate thought in mind upon seeing her: trash can…. a very very dirty one

  2. Neverborn

    The things I would do to that girl…

  3. _me

    That thing on her head, its a stick on right? “Pray for Sinners”? Really?

  4. Snack pack

    That has to be one of the best comments ever. Well done, MFS.

  5. Uncle Jack

    When did bras start becoming t-shirts? When did girls start covering their hides in fancy-writing? “Swoop, dragon, swoop!”

  6. Jimmy

    Dirty Whore not even the amish want her ass around!!!

  7. sweetlips

    I can’t wait to see her in the geriatric years with all of those tats.

  8. KTI

    I hate tattoos as it is, but the forehead tattoo has to be the worst. And of all things to have it say. I’d mock her if she wore a t-shirt with that on it. Not hot. Not sexy. DO NOT WANT!!!

  9. KK-Hater

    What can I add, her top says it all. Word!

  10. on

    So LA ink o what

  11. Moe

    Pretty eyes. I’d do her, in a school cafeteria dumpster with her face buried in pool of milk soaked meatloaf.

  12. Psycobiff

    Good thing she has a facial tat as the only way I could see fucking this broad would be up her ass and doggy style.

  13. Rorschach

    Can you imagine what her life and world will be like in about 15 years? When she hits 40, and she’s competing against girls half her age for the attention of not great guys or even decent guys but SKUZZY guys, the only kind of guys who would be mildly interested in someone like her to begin with. And on top of all that, there will be an entire generation of trashy women in the exact same boat she’s in, unattractive in body and soul, saying to themselves ” I didn’t think it would be like this”…wow….enjoy it while you can, ladies; the 15 minutes of fame, and the fleeting feeling of it being YOUR world…cuz it will not last…sooner than you might like, all the dogs (female AND male) will be eating one another very, VERY soon…

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