1. jeffiner

    someone please teach this girl how to dress, already!

  2. pretty vacant

    i had forget that lilo was a serious actress.
    my bad.

  3. Jimmy

    O Come on now the bitch does coke, open’s her legs to who ever and she thinks a pair of glasses are going to make her look good?
    A Whore is a Whore!!
    Enough of this Bitch already!!

  4. cringle

    one does not simply walk into mordor.

  5. Minzy

    Why couldn’t she be the one found in the bathtub.

  6. skunk

    woody allen

  7. Bandonbound

    Mr. Ed needs his glasses back. Actually look better on him.

  8. note to Lindsay, glasses only make you look smart if they actually have lenses in them!

  9. She’s still hot, I would still fuck her and so would the rest of you.

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