1. atheistgirl

    I’d still spank it.

  2. Cock Dr

    How do people resist the urge to run over & shove her off those overpriced stilts? Is cow tipping not a know & fun activity in LA?

    Congrats McFeely, you had an excellent week.

  3. Dorian Gray

    I didn’t think Nibiru was a real planet, but boy was I wrong.

  4. Bucky Barnes

    Thank god black is slimming or the Kardashians would tip this planet off it’s axis.

  5. Average Woman


  6. Dutch

    I swear if she bent over she’d look exactly like a centaur.

  7. Captain Hygiene

    You know, I secretly reckon it must take her 20 – 30 minutes to clean her bum after she takes a dump. How the hell do you spread those arse cheeks to clean that fucker?

  8. Talo

    And this it what happens when you sit on a lollipop.

  9. Jesus

    short chicken legs of a 50 y.o. mexican woman + ass of an old flabby horse
    keep that mess covered up with long dress please

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