1. what??? its the same as daredevils

  2. Good lord, that’s awful. It would’ve been better if they dusted off the suited from the old series starring John Wesley Shipp.

  3. It needs more muscle. The Flash is a speedster but he also very muscular. This looks like a homemade Flash costume.

  4. I’ve seen better outfits at comic conventions made by drunken fans and dateless man-children who still live with their parents.

  5. colljack

    The Superhero Costume Rep Talks with Flash: “Uh, I see you’ve chosen our basic package. If you’d prefer to look a little more *ahem* heroic, might I recommend our enhanced codpiece?”

  6. Scoff if you want, but it has to fit in his ring. There is only so much padding he can carry.

  7. coljack

    Maybe this isn’t Flash. Maybe this some new character, like Stroll or Jog.

    • coljack

      That was supposed to be “Maybe this is some new character…” I wasn’t trying to be the new “Dis how…”

  8. coljack

    I think it’s great. It’s nice to see the media rally around another kid with cancer pretending to fight crime.

  9. Phil Harmonica

    Looks like one of Kanye’s leather jogging suits that Prada shot down. It’s true, he is a creative genius.

  10. You mean a live action tv show about a comic book character created in the 40s who possesses the sole power of “he go reel fast” might look silly?

    Shocked. Truly shocked.

  11. Stan Lee

    please tell me this is a joke. that is horrible.

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