1. kimmykimkim

    Nuh-uh. Unacceptable.

  2. Uhmmm.. How shall I put this… They have pumps for those…

  3. Mr. Poop

    what a classy broad

  4. SIN

    Pancake tits and see-through do not go together.

  5. Newsflash, when they look like that, hide ‘em! I’m a middle aged guy, and there’s a reason I don’t wear half shirts!

  6. Hey, ma. Put that shit away.

  7. Mr Smap Beav Sr

    Them babies are about to slide off.

  8. Need to reflip those flapjacks cause they’re not brown enough on top.

  9. rantatonne

    New IHOP spokesmodel

  10. Looks like somebody slapped golden butter on them there flapjacks!

  11. Contusion

    She could always start doing grand openings of new IHOPs.

  12. Senor Trout

    Tim Burton saw this photo and immediately decided to cast her as the title character in his adaptation of the Charles Schulz-inspired ‘The Great Pumpkin.’

  13. Absolutely nothing worth viewing.

  14. Cock Dr


  15. Dr. Ike

    Her tits look like they’re trying to get away from her.

  16. Jade

    It is decreed that, henceforth from this moment, all the lands shall now refer to you forever more as “pancake tits.”

  17. She doesn’t need a bra for them. She can use flip flops.

  18. navvet


  19. Captain Obvious

    Is it wrong that I see tits like that and think, “I can’t wait to see the comments.”

  20. coyote

    She look like Kris Jenner; AKA Kim K’s MOWanger

  21. Jee-zussss…that photographer in the back wearing the red shirt looks like he’s about to have a stroke if he doesn’t get a good shot.

  22. mbcl

    simultaneously each photographer got a “side boob” shot.

  23. qwerty

    She is scaring some big-breasted women about getting old.

  24. Oz Matters

    When having sex with her, I imagine that rather than sucking on her nipples, you instinctively try to blow air into them.

  25. She looks like my belly dance teacher at the start of warm ups… Just the body posture. Shoulders back, come on girls hold on!

  26. jasper

    ‘I think I lost my appetite.’-Walter Junior

  27. Blech

    Why are there are a lot of faces in the world… that look like this one?

    Same surgeon? Template?

  28. Roy

    Oh Nancy you sexy bit*h, I could sh*g till you couldn’t stand!!

  29. Sammy

    Ok, they ARE tits! Now, put ‘em away….quick!

  30. BonerBoy

    God, this photo made it go soft….

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