1. Inner Retard

    Could we go back to Miley Cyrus twerking? Suddenly, I feel the need for some class in my life.

  2. Rihanna: “I like to KICK, STRETCHHHH, AND KICK! I’m 50!”
    Security: “You’re actually 25.”
    Rihanna: “I’m 50! 50 years old!”
    Security: “No you’re…well, from a medical lifespan standpoint, you might be right.”

  3. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    It’s a choice – either watch her do this, or hear her “sing”.

    I’ll be at the bar, avoiding both.

  4. “Rihanna presenting during estrus in Perth, Australia.”

    There, fixed that for you.

    • One of the things I like about The Superficial is that fairly often there is a post with a word that I’m not familiar with. It gives me a chance to look it up, e.g., I’ve always wondered where Perth is located.

  5. The Dude

    “Maybe they wont notice that I cant dance or sing.”

  6. Looks like she’s performing at a dirty sports bar in some bad cover band with a name like Hump Day or something.

  7. sonofsamadams

    “Take a good look, parents. This is where your sons were last night!”

  8. martina

    “Like a virgin … for the very first time”

  9. anonymous

    Probably smells so bad it needs to be aired out.

  10. That’s exactly how I picture her to look naked.

  11. I can fart soooo hard when I do this move.

  12. Frank

    Cooter Cave

  13. Gilgosurfbum

    So that’s what her boyfriend meant when he said he was gonna go Down Under…

  14. Fish, I laughed my ass off at your comment. Of course had to google thailand bird vagina. Wish I hadn’t. How do you know all this stuff? MEDIC!

  15. “That’s it everybody. I’m out of ping pong balls.”

  16. And just like that, an entire arena crowd passed out en-masse.

  17. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    So that’s where she keeps her um-buh-rella-ella-ella hey hey?

  18. So ‘performing’ is sitting on a stage, reading an autocue and showing off your growler?

    Man, such incredible talent.

  19. And we’re concerned about North Korea and their bombs?

  20. anonym

    I can smell the stink from here.

  21. crb

    And the shart that followed, inundated the entire city of Perth, making the recent Colorado floods look like a mild Jessica Simpson birth-event by comparison.

    This is the last in this series of forensic photo evidence from this camera that shows anything but brown.

    So far, the city medical examiner’s only conclusion was, “Why couldn’t it have been Cleveland?”

  22. That taint what I wanted to see.

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