1. Finality, he thought. Man’s dreaded end. Unavoidable. It is the darkness we all must face. These contrived boxes only serve to bring peace for those still living. Indeed, the eternal suffering will have begun long before we are placed inside…are those free envelopes? By Jove! No one told me there would be free envelopes! I must stuff my pockets full of them before the others take notice. Careful now, Charles. One step at a time. Easy…

  2. “B-b-but, Your Highness, the Queen appears quite healthy!”
    “Quite. But, one can’t be too prepared, can they?”

  3. “Ah yes, just like the one we buried my whore of an ex wife in”

    It’s been 16 years, screw you and your “too soon” bullshit.

  4. SIN

    Mother? Are you in there ? Can I be King now? ….Mother…?

  5. EricLR

    I make me caskets look like Christmas gifts, I do!

  6. Looking for Mummy?

  7. “Yes, this will do fine. It’ll be such a surprise for her…”

  8. I say, dear chap, Dianar’s not going to… crawl out of there, is she?

  9. “WTF, where is Diana? I thought she was dead, fuck!”

  10. rican

    “Mum’s the word!”

  11. HannahMontana is a slut

    Shopping for Camilla’s next bed, Your Highness?

  12. crb

    “What, no gold-plating? I say old man, nothing like slumming it in the afterlife, eh?”

  13. “Why are all the bloody gifts from American rap artists gold plated?”

  14. Hung Lo

    “Is Mummy in there? Oh joy ! Finally I am King !”
    “What? Oh, fiddlesticks !”

  15. ” I am a genius, making caskets will make our older population feel better about themselves.”

  16. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    He looks like he can’t believe Mommy isn’t home during daylight.

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