1. It’s a good thing she’s in Philadelphia and not New York. Because Len Dunham would hunt her down if she dressed like that in New York.

  2. Cock Dr

    She will never ever top the Hello Kitty outfit from several years back.

  3. JC


    Why, yes it is, Katy. Yes it is.

  4. emma watson's Vagina

    I think she wants someone to eat her. I have no idea why.

  5. nomnomnom

    It’s Pizza the Hutt!

    You’re delicious!

  6. emma watson's Vagina

    Blessed be thy feet,that have brought thee in these ways.
    Blessed be thy knees,that shall kneel at the sacred altar.
    Blessed be thy womb,without which we would not be.
    Blessed be they breasts,formed in beauty.
    Blessed be thy lips,that shall utter the Sacred Names.

    Deep calls on height,the Goddess on the God,
    on him who is the flame that quickens her;
    That he and she may seize the silver reins
    And ride as one the twin-horsed chariot.
    let the hammer strike the anvil,
    let the lightning touch the Earth,
    Let the lance ensoul the grail,
    Let the magic come to birth

    this was meant as a compliment anyone else can go fuck off.

  7. “LOOKIT ME! I’m naked Lindsay Lohan!”

  8. George P Burdell

    I have heard of pizza face, but never pizza tits.

  9. Michael

    Don’t let the Ninja Turtles near her!

  10. Lady Gaga wore the same thing that evening. How awkward.

  11. Dox

    Someone needs to slap the shit out of her assistant.

  12. “Katy, honey, come on over here so I can see if all of those pizzas on your hoody are still hot. I may need to check them several times, both on and off your body.”

  13. Mr. Deen is utterly unimpressed by the burkaroni.

  14. I’ve got a mushroom cap for that pizza.

  15. Raymond Flattenberg

    Anyone order a sloppy slice with extra cheese?

  16. Raymond Flattenberg

    Hi, I’m Katy Perry. And I’ll be your ridiculously dressed attention whore of a children’s celebrity for this evening.

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