1. Cock Dr

    She bought that butt & obviously she’s still very happy & proud of her purchase.

  2. Together they make 1/4 of a Holstein.

  3. Scientists say that 85% of the mass of the universe is missing. It’s now been found and photographed.

  4. George P Burdell

    She hid her ass for the longest time, now nobody really cares…. except for textile engineers trying to develop a material that will be strong enough to contain it when she turns forty.

  5. RayJ

    I gotta pee.

  6. Dox

    Little known fact:
    In order to support such weight, the heels of her shoes are made from carbon nanofibers woven together with dark matter.

  7. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Kim’s smug at being cast as one of the “model friends” in the All Female “Zoolander” reboot.

    Her character dies tragically in a “freak urinary accident” while dancing they are ‘fighting’ in a tub to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”.

  8. It took fifteen cows to make that leather jacket just to cover half of this cow.

  9. How do those heels not snap?

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