1. anonym

    some juicy thighs

  2. “Kylie, can you believe Kim can’t even hang like this on a swimming pool without sinking to the deep???”

  3. Michael

    Why do you want me to whack off to these whores, Fish?

  4. You’d think with their money, they could afford a legitimate “Twister” board.

  5. Warming up for their fake leaked porno?

  6. gleeksquad

    “I can’t believe Justin stole all my Dave and Busters tickets, I’ll never give him a handy in the bathroom again.”

  7. “Kylie please wash yourself, I can smell your vagina from here!”

  8. If these weren’t Kardasians I’d be fapping right now.

  9. Another boring day in Whoretown.

  10. Jackmac

    Is that the grotto at the Playboy Mansion? We’re getting closer.

  11. Turd Ferguson

    Looks like Kylie probably sharted.

  12. Robb7

    Useless cunts!

  13. anonymous

    So is that Kylie’s ass or vag that Kendall is smelling on her hand?

  14. “Lucy is not a random victim, attacked by mere accident, you understand? No. She is a willing recruit, a breathless follower, a wanton follower. I dare say, a devoted disciple. She is the Devil’s concubine!” ~ Professor Abraham Von Helsing

  15. Swearin

    See that periscope above Kendall’s head? Chris Hansen is on the other end of it

  16. I’m sure I saw a movie the other day that started just like this.

  17. Who takes these fucking pictures, And why do they post them?

  18. Sniffing your own farts can lead to brain damage, but in this case small loss.

  19. Marketing Mike

    You too can enroll your daughter in “Lesbian Whore Camp 2014!”
    Let us teach your daughter our proven Lolita tricks of the trade.
    Learn to “really” make out in Hollywood, the Kardashian way!
    Held at the Hefner Grotto, directed by Counselor Kris K.

  20. ^@#&*%!

    Wait… what elephant? (he sure gets around)

  21. ^@#&*%!

    As Kim is ‘mooo’ and the scary big one is ‘raaaahr, these two can be … whatever that sound is … that elephants make… because they are trying to get attention … ok that’s going nowhere.

    When Kylie gets fat we’ll just call her the hefalump.

  22. Hmm

    Conflicted thoughts right now.

  23. Bruce

    Seeing this picture makes me feel like I need to take a shower, and not in a good way. >:0

  24. America, you pay your cockteasin’ little bitches WAY too much money.

  25. Enough with these useless cunts.

    • Every time Fish puts up their pictures somewhere a boner shrivels and dies.

      • Father Dougal

        I hate these vapid cunts with a fury that is beyond your ken and capability. They are the worst of celebrity culture incarnate: no talent whatsoever, no reason to be famous, and all the nihilism and venal insanity of America in a nutshell. They are the poster children for entitlement and wealth shitting in all our mouths while we clamour for more. More! They not only get away with being amoral, vile, and contemptible fucks, they are getting rich off it. And they represent every hot chick that wouldn’t give me the time of day in High School. I hate them. GAWD I fucking hate them, and I hate everything they represent. Haaaate!

        …Having said that, they give me a helluva erection, and anyone who claims otherwise is a eunuch or a liar.

  26. Michelle Rodriguez, Ireland Baldwin, Ellen Page, and now the Jenner girls…pretty soon all of Hollywood will be coming out as either Lesbians or Eunuchs.

  27. as tough as this is to type, these bitches are fine

  28. “I think my shit is starting to stink. What do you think?”
    *Rubs sisters crotch and ass and then smells her own hand*
    “Nah. You’re okay.”

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