1. poopsy

    Butt Her Face

    • MImom

      Are you crazy or just jealous, Goopsy.

      • poopsy

        not crazy or jealous. Seriously, I’m always a little be suprised every time I see her how messed she is from the neck up. Her face looks like she has downs or something. Bangin’ bod though, not doubt about that.

  2. I couldn’t say why, but I like how she looks. Kind of like hot enough to get me going, but not so hot I gotta worry about her finding someone better.

    • Alex

      I mcfeel you. She seems very approachable and fun. Yeah, you wouldn’t have to worry about the first overworked out closet knob-gobbler to come along and hypnotize her.

    • Deryn

      MEH, I say. MEH MEH MEH.

    • I agree with you. I always had a crush on her since the G4TV days but then she started getting a little attention and became a big flaming pile of fame-whore which ruins it. I think she has produced an ego that will crush her in the end.

      • Fletch

        I’m with ya Nunyo. I had a big crush on her when she was on G4 but like you the fame whoreness is a big turnoff.

  3. Why do pretty Asian girls fake tan themselves until they’re gross? I’m lookin’ at you, Tila Tequila.

    • PoorMaryKelly

      She’s Asian? I thought she was just an ugly, overly tanned white woman.

      • God is Black

        Why the hate of Eurasians?Tila Tequila I consider a Slope-head so she doesn’t count. Have any of you had sex with an Eurasian Women. They have none of the sexual hang-ups of Asian women, “me no like anal sex or do what Doggie style?”Japanese chicks cry and scream in pain when their being fucked and do not shave their pussy,trying carpet munching and you will need a lawn mower!
        So here’s a list of pussy and cock that are Eurasian;

      • I don’t hate Eurasians. I hate when people make themselves orange on purpose. That’s not racist that’s…normal.

  4. Aud

    She looks a lil dazed…must be from learning “Swiss” all day.

  5. HiveMonster

    Chinese Sandra Bullock? Why, Yes, Please. Extra Duck Sauce.

  6. Does Lou Diamond Phillips play the idiotic brother in that movie? Because that would make a lot of sense.

  7. KC

    I don’t get you haters. Funny, smart and hot. She must intimidate you.

  8. Kady

    I wish she’d do something else with her hair.

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