1. JC

    “Yeah, is this Hookers ‘R Us? I want two–the first one should look like that hot chick lawyer from Law & Order: SVU, except with knee socks, and the other one can be your standard Long Island cougar. That one don’t need to be hot or nothin’.”

  2. I actually dig that chick on his left, he goes out alot with her

  3. The one on the left looks good. I guess she’s his favourite. The other one just look annoying.

  4. You know for all his vices and douchebaggery let’s remember who his childhood mentor/abuser was…

  5. cajunhawk

    These hookers are just…busted.

  6. I wonder if he’s covered them in duck butter yet.

  7. Oh, how I miss the three years in the 80s I had respect for him.

  8. Cap'n Obvious

    These pictures always seem like a test. “Find the most pathetic person in this picture” It’s a trick!

  9. Don Draper's Dad

    Hello? Hookery Barn? … Yeah, it’s C-Feld …. C-Feld …. Corey. It’s Corey Feldman ….Yeah, hi. It has been a while. Look I’d like a regular and do you have any uh … any horses? … No? Ok ummmm how about a young Sarah Jessica Parker? … yeah? perfect. Just drop them off on the front step.

  10. Every picture of Corey Feldman is just further proof that Michael Jackson deserved to die.

  11. cc

    Looks like his line of credit is tapped out.

  12. I don’t think he quite saved up for two hookers… maybe one and a half. Instead of getting two 8′s, he settled for an 8 and a 4.

  13. Welcome back you dollar store nillionare.

  14. Tuesday’s special must be “Rent a 10, get a 5 for free”

  15. Did he pick up smoking at bingo with his aunt Rhonda?

  16. I have to wonder if “in the biz” this guy is considered a fucking clown. He apparently thinks he is ultra-cool while the people who know him are saying, “Oh fuck! It’s that Corey Feldman jerkoff again!”

  17. whatever

    this also looks like a re-cycled picture

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