1. If you can take selfies and DJ at the same time, I have to question how hard it is to be a DJ.

  2. “DJing? I have an app for that!”

  3. cajunhawk

    Let me fiddle with this knob…yeah…fuck yeah…looks like I know what I’m doing. That’s so ratchet.

  4. I hope she has enough taste not to play her own music.

  5. ‘performing’. LOLZ

  6. Eejut

    One eye on the turntable, the other on the parking lot.

  7. JungleRed

    Is that a phone or a one month dose pack of Valtrex?

  8. DJ Ghonorherpsyph.

  9. Zohan

    Stupid cunt.

  10. Odbarc

    This stupid cunt made 20 years worth of me working my ass off in an hour to press a fucking button.

  11. More evidence of why Portugal’s economy is on the brink.

  12. Cap'n Obvious

    What fucking idiot would pay her a dime to be anywhere?

    I hope they made her bring her own towel to sit on. Otherwise, they will need to burn the chair.

  13. “This song is comin’ atcha with extra Herpes!”

  14. anonymous

    Hell for a minute I thought that iPhone in her hand was plugged directly into that DJ equipment and she was just playing her iTunes playlist.

  15. MRF

    That’s not her phone, it’s her birth control.

  16. Her skills are probably just as good as her songs,

  17. Johnny Barbells

    …next time some snotty, eurotrash douche looks down his nose at americans, we get to throw this in his face.

  18. icu

    DJ? Is that what this twatwaffle calls herself now? Yeah, okay, and I’m an amusement engineer.

  19. WTF

    Gawd she is so ratchet looking these days! I guess the herpes is catching up with her.

  20. “Always two there are. A master, and an apprentice.”

    I’m none too psyched about the nascent Paris Hilton renaissance I’m witnessing. Given that she dove deep around the same time her acolyte Kim Kardashian came to the fore, and now that the Kardashian ilk have effectively suffocated the Earth in their enormous buttcheeks, she rises again? A real Emperor Palpatine vibe here. An Emperor with an IQ of 67 and rectal crabs, but still.

    Given that the Kardashians have taken overexposure and weaponized it, and given just how many of those fucking haridans there are, she now looks like the lesser of two evils. She’ll be welcomed back. Like a hero. Like a savior.

    “So this is how liberty dies? To thunderous applause.”
    (I know I just lost all credibility by quoting the trilogy that must not be named. I also hate myself)

  21. She’s probably plugged into SONGZA…

  22. Usually nightclubs, even in Portugal, prefer their music to be a bit louder that iPhone volume. On the other hand, most of these people are just here to score drugs, then get the fuck out.

  23. RichPort

    DJ Pandora in the HIZ-ZOUSE!!!

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