1. cc

    Oh good, Snooki finally faces the gibbet for her many crimes against humanity.

  2. If she gets any fatter she’ll be changing her name to Snacki.

  3. Richard McBeef

    You can’t just wring them out, snooki. You’ll need a fine tooth comb to get the eggs.

  4. Way to straighten the “weave” on stage, asshat.

  5. hbw

    If she opens her legs, the show becomes “Access: New Jersey”

  6. Steve

    The cute girl holding her phone in the b.g is staring at her with a look like “I wanna be just like her when I grow up”. Girl, you’re 13, you’ve already grown up more than Snooki ever will. And I ain’t talking about height.

  7. Jack

    “Hmm hmm…hope no one minds me squeezing the rest of this Guerilla sperm outta my hair…doo dee doo…”

  8. eh i thk she looks cute

  9. Satan

    So this is what a real life Gorgon looks like……………. -turns to stone-

  10. The least she could have done was change out of her clothes from the previous night’s “date”. Well, I guess I have to give her a little credit, she IS trying to get it out of her hair.

  11. Sin

    Hmm…Am I getting paid in cash or Twinkies?

  12. KC

    “Crap We Missed” is now literal?

  13. Kady

    Love those shoes!

  14. anonym

    someone should have tipped the stool

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