1. brick

    “There ought to be a law against that!”

  2. Voice of Reisling

    I hope he got the You Ruined Star Wars per gallon surcharge.

  3. JimBB

    It always sucks when the valet is a Star Wars fan.

  4. Flatliner

    I was going to comment on the stupid pants but the service station attendant’s looks says it all.

  5. Tom

    “Mr Christensen, hey Mr Christensen! Your Prius is over here. That Ferrari belongs to Ms Bilson!”

  6. Suck It Trebek

    I hope he is working there!

  7. In every picture like this there’s an old man saying “You are not worthy of the woman you impregnated.” with his eyes.

  8. “Ooooohhh…I like this one!”

  9. oldfool

    “He caught me in the bathroom with a pair of panty hose.”

  10. The attendant must be thinking “If I am ought to wear those pants with those sneakers being a celebrity, then I’d better bey a gas station valet”.

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