1. Nonnie Moose

    Oh, Russel. Are you out violating your restraining orders again?

  2. Russel: “Does my breath reek of douchebag?”

  3. EricLR

    Lifetime prescription for Valtrex needed in 3…2…

  4. Little Tongue

    “This is what your snatch smells like. No, you go get yourself a prescription for whatever the fuck is wrong with it.”

  5. ruckus

    The poor blind girl never knew what it was.

  6. “An’ then she walks roit up to ‘er baby and does THIS! That’s roit disgustin’ that is. I loved her as Batgirl, but that reeeeally turned me off.”

  7. Nice move. He went from Katy Perry to iCarly.

  8. I like him okay, but I’d pop him in the eye if he got that close to me. Just hell no, bitch.

  9. WhiteRussian

    That poor child. Reminds me of my cat’s prey when they get taste-tested before the kill. The poor victim freezes and stares into the distance, knowing not to look into the eyes of the horrid beast which is about to end its pure and innocent life. It’s called “playing dead” I suppose… but their breathing is so heavy that they don’t stand a chance in fooling their predator. That being said, stay away from Russell Brand if you value your life.

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