1. Looks as if Johnny and Keanu have the same tailor.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Johnny: You hear the one about the bum who got the super hot lesbian to switch teams?

    Armie: Stop bullshittin’.

  3. Good god, he really has the whole hobo/douche ensemble thing down to a science.

  4. John. “The Lone Ranger” is not in production anymore, therefore you can give the wardrobe back.

  5. EricLR

    I’m pretty sure he’s just one handkerchief and a stick away from full-on hobo.

  6. “Hey, could you take off your boxers and rip them in half? I dont have enough accessories….I’m serious.”

  7. “Some call my penis arrow tacky. I call it my divining rod… hot blonde 20-something at 3 o’clock!”

  8. Cock Dr

    The tall one is kinda cute…what an unfortunate choice of name.
    I think that’s Mr Depp there under that pile of textiles.

  9. One of these men knows how to properly accessorize an outfit, the other does not. here’s a hint: “If you’re a man, don’t accessorize an outfit”

  10. The Pope

    Hahaha, he said “Rone Ranga”!

  11. tlmck

    I think the real Lone Ranger and Tonto need to come back from their graves and kick a couple of asses.

  12. “Just keep acting like it’s good. I’ve got a percentage of the gross.”
    “HA! Johnny, nobody is that good at acting.”

  13. “Rone Ranger! HAHAAAAAAAA!!!”
    “Hey rook at me I da Rone Ranger!”
    “Heerrrrrro Rone Ranger!”
    “Hahahaaaa! Damn I love this country!”

  14. “Hey, Mr. Ranger, do you like my accessories? I have lots of accessories!”

  15. Depp cultivates his eccentricities like an old spinster aunt from the Deep South. He should just go ahead and get some cats and a lace shawl and get that shit over with.

  16. Since they’re both smiling, this photo must have been taken BEFORE the movie was released.

  17. Does Keith Richards know you raid his wardrobe?

  18. “The fuck are you wearing, Johnny? Seriosuly, even the bird hat was better that this.”

  19. Chris

    Now he is just starting to piss me off.

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