1. Seen here at the Malibu 7-11 where she is line behind fourteen mexican landscapers buying out the store’s inventory of MoutainDew and Coke.

  2. farrellthib

    I don’t know which to google first: Maitland Ward or the reason the 7-11 party was held in Malibu

  3. schadenfreude

    Maitland Ward – Demonstrating the type of person you will NEVER see in a 7-11.

  4. alex

    She looks like Renee Flemming. HAWT!

  5. EricLR

    Girl Meets Saline.

  6. Oddly, it’s not their 75th Birthday or some sort of anniversary…it’s just 7-Eleven having an 86th birthday party in Malibu. Makes perfect sense.

  7. She’s a total butterface.

    By which I mean it looks like she’s got butter on her face.


      To me the meaning of the term had already been changed to just that.

  8. For a second thought “i Just saw Cameron Diaz on here a week or so ago!” and had to check the name.

  9. I wonder if there were Doritos at this party?

  10. Huh, so 7-11 is a year younger than Hugh Hefner? That would explain why it has fresher buns and less flies.

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