1. Annnnd gotcha!! HAHA There’s no gum under your sandal…

  2. Crouching Tiger, Hidden chlamydia.

  3. “The model thought she smelled dogshit so she checked under her shoe. When she saw there was nothing under her shoe, she realized she had caught a whiff of Terry’s “talent”. Her mood quickly soured.”

  4. “Hi I’m a genius. Take off your shirt.
    …God, I love Hollywood.”

  5. The Pope

    Hey, Dinklage scored a photo shoot!

  6. And least his pant are on… for now.

  7. thats not terry richardson.
    the guy taking photos in that pic is wearing clothes.

  8. God this fucking pedo is back.

  9. Super creepy flannel dude here to take your picture. Get yer clothes off now, so I can ‘work my magic’!

  10. worst fauxtographer to ever live. I cannot wait until he gets the HIV and dies.

  11. “If I had a dollar for every time I stepped in coke, cum, or a mixture of the two, I’d have made 7 bucks in the last 10 minutes.”

  12. And just like that, Terry finally understood the punchline to the joke, “Excuse me ma’am… but do your feet stink?”

  13. Judging by the way he’s not even bothering to look up her skirt, she must be an adult.

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