1. That isn’t that smart. That pot is probably still really hot, and I don’t see any surface that you can set the pot on that wouldn’t be damaged while you eat that delicious ramen.

  2. Why is The Superficial showing us pics from a serial killers photo album?

  3. Titties but this shoot just jumped the rails. But like I said, titties.

  4. BlackManUSA

    Nice try Terry Richardson, but this is still creepy.

  5. Ok, she’s got the open mouth vacant stare look down…what else does she do? Hah, got you! Nobody cares, TITTIES!

  6. Sara:”Okay it’s out of the pot. What do I do now?”
    Photographer:”You eat it!”
    Sara:” Eww! I’d rather rub them on my tits!”

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