1. Hugh Jazhole

    Nut up Rob. This is Hollywood. We’ve all taken it. You have to decide if you’re gonna take it like a man.

  2. So long…gay boyyyysss.

  3. JPC

    Anyone else really tired of this guy?

    • SteveG

      my acceptance of him is fading fast. But then I watch “Role Models” and I remember why he still rates.

  4. Squishy

    Fierce dude…NOT! What a twat!

  5. Jeebus

    Steady as she goes, Mr. Sulu.

  6. mike

    “China is in the heart, Jack.”

  7. “We invade South Korea at dawn!”

  8. Made In China

  9. He’s a beige jumpsuit away from being Ken Jeong il

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