1. Looks like a panel to one of Fish’s Bertney™ stories.

    • JimBB

      Bertney’s daddy told her he was taking her to the firehouse. Bertney was glad, ’cause she really likes chili.

  2. She is smoking hot…hold on…SKELETON HANDS! Jesus, hadn’t seen them before. No wonder they don’t show those bad boys on camera!

  3. I bet she snorts when she laughs.

  4. asdf

    ^^ Beat me to it. *snort*

  5. Those hands look like they should be offering poisoned apples to young princesses.

  6. I love this crazy chick.

  7. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    Looks like her clutch is gripped to death by her “good hand.”

  8. Her clothes look like “Yars’ Revenge!”

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