1. Lunch

    all leanin on shit

  2. journalschism

    Mr. Rogers would be proud!

  3. lily

    omg they are HUGE, is she still pregnant?

  4. Pierce Bronzetan

    “Shhhhh…. go to sleep… mommy will be right back… now pull that envelope over your face… shhhhhh….”

  5. cagster

    Old lady jubblies

  6. alex

    I think I see a nipple.

  7. EricLr

    Uh, yeah, Talky The Mailbox is really more about talking to kids about the postal service. I don’t think I can score you more Valium.

  8. Icehawg

    Shouldn’t she have a sack full of cats?

  9. guttboy

    Die Grossen titten! Ya sehr gute!

  10. popwilleatitself

    That is a lot to ask of one little button.

  11. “That’s a gooood little nipple, standing right up. YOU, over there on the left. You’re next!”

  12. Allison Wunderlan

    “Where’s the ‘send’ button on this?”

  13. cc

    So, our story begins when a retired assassin disguises herself as an eastern European cleaning lady.

  14. MRF

    Grandma’s got a rack!

  15. Urvag

    I didn’t know homeless was the new look.

  16. mike

    Is she at the Ghetto Film Fest. with Tracy Morgan?! Where ever she is, no place for a lady to walk around unescorted.

  17. shaniqua nunyadambidness

    Those things won’t ship at the Flat rate.

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