1. dontkillthemessenger

    I know what everyone is thinking… who knew Landon Donovan’s legs wouldn’t look good on a woman?

  2. journalschism

    “Ugh! This f*cking guy keeps telling me he’s Ben Affleck!”

  3. K-Tron

    Wow. She needs to eat a couple cheeseburgers, or she may be in danger of marrying a d-bag and overdosing on whip-its

  4. lily

    those are some skinny muscular legs

  5. DeucePickle

    Now what, Leann Rimes ?

  6. “Hey, where’s my hat…???…Oh, wait, I didn’t wear one. Uh-oh, did I shave my pits…??? Ah, yes, right…How about my legs…Yes, when I shaved my pits..Huh? Who the fuck am I…”

    So goes the terrible disorder known as OCD.

  7. cc

    Is she carrying a small, stupid dog in there? Speaking of which, I’d hump her leg.

  8. She has the ugliest heroin-addict body you could possibly have as a woman. If you’re attracted to this walking corpse just go hang out near your town’s detox center. You’ll see plenty of junkies walking around with that exact body type.

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