1. Tom Cruise's Dignity

    She’s going to be so disappointed to find out that he does not, in fact, have a Ph.D. in breast inspection.

  2. Bill, did your friend’s cans evolve or did God create them?

  3. His hot date has milk for the children.

  4. Bill will attempt to make sure her boobs defy gravity.

  5. I’d love to carry out a thorough inspection of his date.

  6. karen

    Bill Nye the Motorboat Guy.

  7. “And then she blinded me with her nipples!”

  8. Well played, Prof. Nye. Well played, indeed…

  9. kravdan

    She’s totally Robin Thicke’n him right there…

  10. Is that his wife or girlfriend? If so then nice Bill, nice. Not bad at all.

  11. Bill Nye, the lucky guy!

  12. Senor Trout

    ‘She blinded me with science, but later tonight I’m going to return the favor with several ropes of semen to the eyes.’

  13. I forgot, which Doctor Who was Bill Nye?

  14. See kids? Science pays!

  15. We’re all going nuts on his date’s boobs but are we sure that’s not his daughter? I notice some similarities in bone structure. And some very nice differences in boob structure.

  16. Ken

    Let me Google that for you:

    Her name is Blair Tindall. You can take it from here.

  17. Jackmac

    Perhaps in his next segment, he can explain the effect flashbulbs have on sheer fabric.

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