1. The last stages of a pekinese’s life.

  2. “Fuck! I knew I shouldn’t have smoked that entire bowl before coming here.”

  3. Frank Burns

    There really is “Something about Mary” – its called ‘time’.

  4. Styrofoam

    Dudes, admit it, she looks damn good in this picture.

  5. nick

    Crack. It’s a hell of a drug.

  6. EricLr

    I think her face is starting to…melt?

  7. dooood

    ever had that weird friend who when his pet iguana died, he put it in the freezer? she looks just like that

  8. A penis. A penis is what to expect.

  9. Grand Poobah

    she looks wasted, looks like the beauty bus ride ends here, its now time to ride the garbage truck!

  10. Lesigh

    What you expect: Cameron Diaz circa ’94. What you get: What looks like a pillowcase with last night’s makeup on it…

  11. Pierce Bronzetan

    Anybody here old enough to remember making apple dolls in grade school?

  12. Bee Bee

    *rolls eyes* The woman is 40, I think she is allowed some wrinkles and she is looking great. If she botoxed the shit out of her face and look like Nicole Kidman you’d all be equally as bitchy.

  13. I think she looks great in this picture.

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