1. Joe Blow

    She may as well sign that contract with Vivid now before the drugs take their toll on her.

    • Juch

      Yep. This should be sexy and fun, at least in some fashion, but somehow she’s made it incredibly tedious and unattractive and boring.

  2. Five years ago if you asked me how I would feel about Hannah Montana turning into a filthy slut, I would have thought it would be great. Somehow, it just hasn’t worked out.

  3. Great, she stole the GEICO money man’s underwear and is using it as an outfit.

  4. It’s the new thing…selfiewedgie

  5. A little Jim Carrey in the Mask, “P A R T why? Because I gotta!”

  6. Fire Marshall Bill!

  7. Why does she insist on sticking with that godawful haircut?

  8. Beer for thought

    Remember when it was risque for pop stars to show their belly button? yeah. I genuinely fear for the children of this generation.

    • bernard

      imagine if we weren’t “allowed” to see Miley’s waist or below,
      she could actually be palatable on the Ed Sullivan show

  9. anonymous

    I guess this means this bitch is out of rehab and back on tour?

  10. J

    Nick Carter called he wants his bowl cut back.

  11. When did Aaron Carter get the sex change?

  12. “Sure…But look how much money is still outside of my crotch, Bitches!”

  13. Remember the good old days, when you only had to worry about a few germs being on your paper money?

    • Helena Handbasket

      Yeah, this photo is a great argument for always using your debit card instead of ever touching cash …

  14. littletongue

    “Yeast infections really fucking SUCK!”

  15. Just when I thought the economy was getting better, Miley goes and sticks our money up her vagina. Thanks for nothing, Obama.

  16. BryceT

    Ugh,,,she is just so non-sexual. She’s like….anti-Viagra.

  17. “That’s it ladies…KILL YOUR LABIA!!”

  18. Bonky

    Tell me my new music is good or I am going to pull this
    up until I split myself in two ! I’m desperate, I’ll do it !

  19. You know that Billy Ray is sitting somewhere right now with a big proud smile on his face and thinking…that’s my girl! And making notes to pull the same move during his next performance.

  20. Is she still relevant?

  21. anonym

    show that labia !

  22. Vlad

    Got change for a $20?

    Let me whip out my billfold and see.

  23. If hell looks like Miley Cyrus’ labia then I’d dive face first into hell. She’ll be the death of me.

  24. Sorry Miley, but you can’t friction-away crabs that easily.

  25. Al

    she is by far the most primitive being on earth

  26. Angry beaver ?

  27. ColonelKickhead

    Jedi Toe: only visible whilst using the force.

  28. This picture screams two things at me:
    1: Steve Urkel
    2: Why has no one made a “dis chicken” joke yet?

  29. Odbarc

    I bet Miley has gnarly beef curtains.

  30. PassingTrue

    Was there a contest to decide on her “signature moves”? What were the other choices? Jumping headfirst into a tree shredder, swinging across the stage from a noose, arranging calla lillies, posing in a waitress uniform asking people if they’d like some fries with their meal?

    These are getting old, even Madonna would have gotten bored by now.


  32. She hikes that thing up any higher, and she’s going to start spitting out change like a slot machine.

  33. Why does she look like the blonde from Wilson Phillips in the early 90′s? Grow that shit out already.

  34. Wait, she’s a magician now? I mean I’ve seen the pull the handkerchief chain out of your sleeve trick before, but pull 50 G’s out of your cunt? That one’s never been done. And from what it looks like, she still has about 45 G’s to go.

  35. Mama Pinkus

    there is nothing remotely sexy or erotic about this gal – she’s pure desperation and it is beyond ugly

  36. Jesse

    That’s gotta be hurting Bieber’s nuts.

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