1. The Dude

    Is Coachella early this year?

  2. JC

    Starting to pork up again.

  3. Cock Dr

    Eddie’s probably so tired of that greasy grimacing baboon face but breaking up would probably mean the end of a fabulous endlessly vacationing party life. He’ll stay as long as the cashflow is healthy.

    • …dude has been a regular on several series and has made millions of his own …she has’nt had a hit record in how many years? i think he’s staying ’cause this basket-case must do some sick sex shit that even drunk ass brandi would’nt do…

  4. “I get out of the car for five minutes and Eddie drives away again?!?!?”

  5. JimBB

    Looks like the kind of hooker that you see on the street at 6 a.m., after all the decent non-addicts and non-skanks are taken. I mean, sure it’s only $20, but you you really want to take the chance?

  6. PassingTrue

    Wasn’t she just at a McDonalds?

  7. The new 138 water girl.

  8. ThisWillHurt

    That water is her only meal today.

  9. She looks as miserable as someone who just got told they were LeAnn Rimes.

  10. “Eddie!…The voices are back!”

  11. …And suddenly the sound of thousands of people clicking the “back button” on their browser to the Anastasia Ashley bikini picture.

  12. What exactly is holding up the top … or the pants?

  13. jep

    She’s finally decided to embrace her inner white trash home wrecking whore, and start dressing the part.

  14. that face could send a freight train down a dirt road.

  15. So…that’s a wiener, right? I mean, we’re going to talk about the wiener,…right?

  16. You can take the girl out of Texas, but what’s the point.

  17. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    There’s a freaking mini-Hammaconda almost coming out the front left leg of her shorts …

    … which makes this whole “Brandi Glanville Death Match” thing FINALLY make sense.

  18. donkeylicks

    So, this was right before she got turned down for a blow job?

  19. coljack

    “Guys, this is a classy outfit! I saw Kate Hudson wearing the exact same thing!”

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