1. B&WMinstrel

    A puzzle wrapped up in a moron

  2. Tiggles

    Seems like a waste of good garbage.

  3. BP

    Where are her used condoms and syringes!!!!!

  4. He should’ve made it out of cigarette butts

  5. Vladimir

    …looks like a trashy Elizabeth Taylor.

  6. Made out of garbage so it went up in value.

  7. Schweddy Snatch

    Still smells better than the real thing.

  8. How appropriate :)

  9. The real thing is also made of garbage.

  10. Artist Jason Mecier’s portrait of Lindsay Lohan, which he made of redundancy.


  11. I love how the most prominent brand names are “Nicorette,” “Band-Aid,” and “Grey.”

  12. Monistat7 injection close to her mouth, veteran move.

  13. sprub

    It’s conceptual art… white trash as white trash

  14. The caption said it all, nothing more really needed to be said. lol

  15. beaddee

    I’m trying to find the spray tan can. She doesn’t look as dirty as she usually does! This is the cleanest she’s looked in years! Great picture of her.

  16. Skippy86


  17. This gives garbage a bad name.

  18. Jenn

    Art imitates life.

  19. What the fuck? The dude forgot the semen stains.

  20. well it looks just like her.

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