1. I’m sure this picture will be a crucial piece of evidence in identifying her brutal murderer.

  2. I’m in a glass case of emotions. Everytime I get excited about her, I get scared of him.

  3. I’ve never seen fake tits attached to the stomach muscles before.

  4. They just passed by a mirror and he got caught looking.
    I will fight anyone who says different…

  5. CrashHell

    Hella crazy eyes…

  6. That girl looks like she had a great rack….ten years ago.

  7. Ha Ha Ha, I have nothing to say. This photo wins the black guys says it all with his eyes forever.

  8. “Get yourself that double cheeseburger. Daym, daym, DAYM!”

  9. Sheppy

    What black guy?

  10. PJ Bandit

    Forget sideboob. Evidently she has backboob as well.

  11. anonymous

    So is she a black version of Halle Berry or a white version of Angela Basset?

  12. Jenn

    The guy is scared to blink in case her boobs fall out.

  13. What he’s saying with his eyes has got nothing on what she is saying with her boobs.

  14. A voodoo-bodyguard

  15. Inviting the whole world to give him an “Amen brother.”
    ….Amen, brother.

  16. Mike701

    Damn I can see them titties from back here!

  17. amir

    Is everyone coked up in this pic?

  18. Looks like trying to cop a feel led them both to an unexpected revelation.

  19. Very sexy photo. The people may be all fucked up, but it’s still a very sexy photo.

  20. John Travolta

    What were they doing in there?

  21. cc

    So, there really WAS a giant octopus outside the Chateau Marmont.

  22. Is this the “When You See It…” meme?

  23. brent

    Anyone else get so flumoxed by their eyes that, for a split second, you saw a giant Penis impaling her from the right? I’d had those eyes too when I saw it.

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