1. “Kimmel, how many more pics do we have to take with this chubby dude?”

  2. JC

    Time to break out the ricin again, Mr. White.

  3. kravdan

    1 of these things are not like the other… oh it’s talented and being Walter White bitches!

  4. Just when i thought I couldn’t detest Jimmy Kimmel and everything this manufactured “comedian” stands for anymore…

    • SprechenSieDouche

      Oh the irony that you hate Kimmel but are named after his best bud Adam Carolla’s weekly go-to, Deacon Jones… “every time you go upside a man’s head, or a woman’s…”

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “I love hanging out with my new friends, Jimmy and Bryan. Hahaha! You guys are great! (You’re totally going to make fun of me after I leave, aren’t you?)”
    “Very much.”

  6. Hey Bryan, Is Lena Dunham as much of a pig as she seems?

    You’re goddamned right.

  7. anonymous

    Kimmel looks like what Mario Lopez would be if he loved pizza more than Mario loved himself or other guys.

  8. Hitler

    What a hook nosed Jew. Fill it with fire!

  9. Sad…B list actors still only get C list tail.

  10. “Yea, Kimmel, you’re a fuckin’ chick MAGNET.”

  11. anonym

    that bitch is fuckin annoying !

  12. A speaker, a reeker and a tweaker.

  13. I think Kimmel has the best-looking rack out of the three of them.

  14. I keep seeing this chick everywhere, but have no idea who the fuck she is.

  15. “Wow, you guys had to work and scrape for every bit of fame and respect you have now? I just had to call my mom and dad and ask them to send me a fame care package!”

  16. Seriously. Bryan Cranston is the most talented actor in the world, and not even he can look convincingly happy in this picture.

  17. Dieter von Cunth

    Ms. Dunham has succeeded in portraying reality accurately. If you have watched four episodes of Girls, then, as in real life, you are tired of all their sh*t… even the hot one’s. Clearly, Kimmel and Cranston have reached that threshold.

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