1. B&WMinstrel

    “Excuse me, do you know where there’s a motel?” – Cockroaches

  2. Photographer: “Okay Jaden that one was great, but for this next shot could you try to look a little more like you’d rather be anywhere else but here?”

  3. Schweddy Snatch

    Leggings under capri pants, striped socks and nurses’ shoes? Wow, I guess the “dork” ensemble really does cross all cultural and racial lines.

  4. Fresh

    Jayden thinking parents just don’t understand.

  5. kravdan

    It’s a M. Night film so the twist will be Will character is Jaden’s character grown up then he died and is now a ghost in a nature preserve that takes place in present day but was created by Aliens who only fear the lady in the water and scary wind…

  6. Does that little douche have knee pads on? Is he meeting up with Tom Cruise or Justin Bieber later?

  7. adm.fookbar

    Hate on him all you want, but Will Smith is charismatic, engaging, and was clearly America’s Favorite Black Man for several years running.

    I feel bad that all his offspring are little cocksuckers.

  8. ThisWillHurt

    Will and Jaden Smith demonstrating how much pot it would take to enjoy After Earth.

  9. peanut

    will smith is a j.o. and more than likely, the apple(s) do not fall far from the tree.

  10. Ben Dover

    Like it isn’t bad enough to see will in ANY movie
    you then add his son JESUS, that is one movie I will never see

  11. Fuck Jayden Smith. If you’re this big of an asshole at that age, there’s no hope for you.

  12. Will: “Our new father/son movie is filmed entirely in a Rainforest Cafe”

    Jaden: “whatever…where’s my check”

  13. Uncle Phil

    Tough one… which is the bigger no talent arrogant douchebag….

  14. Ol snuffy

    After Earth, the Smith child will still look constipated.

  15. I’ve always enjoyed Will’s work but this little turd Jada shat out, not so much. That furrowed brow of his, as though he’s capable of profound thoughts, sick makin. GO TO SCHOOL YA LITTLE TWAT!

  16. M

    You misspelled “Earf”.

  17. Come aboard the great spaceship Nepotism, my son, and journey to the distance planet of summer blockbusters and family-safe rap music.

  18. “Fer fucksake, Jayden, would you at least pretend that you’re not catatonic? I’m trying to get you set up in a career so I don’t have to support you for the rest of your fucking life…”

  19. Andie

    There’s something really awkward looking about that kid. Oh yeah, he’s a TEENAGER. I remember. All the money and fame in the world can’t rescue him from this awkward teenaged phase he’s in right now. If I were Will, I’d wait a few years before trying again to make this kid a star. Karate Kid was a disaster, so now he’s injecting himself in the movie to try to sell tickets. I really don’t think it’s going to work. Besides, what teenaged kid wants to spend this kind of time with his father? He probably wants to hook up with townies and smoke blunts.

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