1. dontkillthemessenger

    I was almost certain this was a Corey Feldman picture. I’m going to keep thinking that anyway.

  2. Officelinebacker

    If you were to sleep with David Arquette and non have a substance abuse problem I feel very bad for you. At least then you might be able to blame it on heroin or whatever Lil Wayne is on these days.

  3. Joe Blow

    What’s that belt? The award for Doofus Outfit of the Month”?

  4. It’s sad, but he’s the best looking one in the group.

  5. Seems like a dude who really got his act together after getting dumped by a much hotter wife.

  6. DeucePickle

    Robert De Niro can still get the ladies

  7. Gin&Tonic

    saving throw Vs sobriety: fail

  8. Cock Dr

    Those must be from the back bench of the Bootsy Bellows babes corral.

  9. SaladFace

    Is there a Shallow Hal sequel I haven’t heard about?

  10. Rstak

    Sub in a bowtie and I’d say he raided The Doctor’s wardrobe.

  11. CK

    That’s a typo, right? Should say ‘Booby Fellows’? Those ARE trannies, no?

  12. “See Courtney! I can do better than you!”

  13. those chicks are just about right. for him. fugly.

  14. This club needs to burst into flames on a busy night with cars parked up against every exit.

  15. Next stop, the pawn shop and then its off to the free clinic.

  16. Not a Baldwin

    Which Baldwin brother is that?

  17. the one on the right looks like someone pressed some silly putty on a newspaper and then stretched it out…

  18. Does this mean my dream of a Ready to Rumble sequel is in the works!

  19. The one of the far left is searching for his talent. Sadly it is nowhere to be found.

  20. The one in the middle is ho-hum, but the two bookends actually look doable.

  21. His face actually matches the women.

  22. cc

    Bootsy Bellows’ new marketing ploy…free drinks for the homely.

  23. Take this heavy ass thing, and give me back my Fuckin’ martini!

  24. You know what kind of suit looks good with sneakers? None of them. Especially not this one.

  25. The saddest thing about this picture is that he actually is a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion. I’m not even joking.

  26. When do douche bags like this finally go away and live in the desert so they can get out of the “limelight”?

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