1. dontkillthemessenger

    I see several black eyes in Ben Affleck’s future.

  2. JennywithaY

    So we’re just going to ignore that Rachel McAdams is eye fucking the shit out of Ben Affleck?

    • Gin&Tonic

      it’s that weird thing that some chicks get around married men. like the fact that he’s been married for several means he isn’t a complete and total dick so she wants his complete and total… well, you get the idea

  3. Toe Jam

    She’s looking at him, like…”Yes, Ben. Thats actual flesh your touching. Now, if you dont mind, remove it, before your wife wants a three-way”.

  4. Cock Dr

    Rachel needs a new hairdresser.

  5. The question is whether Rachel McAdams also sent Ben shitty naked pics from her iPhone

  6. meeps!

    It looks like he’s gonna have to put another baby in Jen, asap…

  7. oh look- here comes jen garner.
    with a baseball bat…

  8. Garner is going to break his goddamn legs. He is screwed.

  9. “I’d like to thank the Academy…. for all the pity fucks I’m getting now.”

  10. Damn. Rachel McAdams wants the dick. I’ve never seen a woman eye fuck a man like that.

  11. The look that says, “marriages are collateral damage.”

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