1. joe

    “This whole set is full of rude, thoughtless pigs.”

  2. coljack

    “You fuckin’ faggots! You haven’t separated the recyclables from the regular garbage.”

  3. “Now, where’s my career?”

  4. Looking for future job prospects.

  5. “I always wanted to shove my junk, into a Rubbermaid.”

  6. ThisWillHurt

    He’ll never be happy until Ireland’s picture is on the side of one of those cartons.

  7. Don Draper's Dad

    Quick, Alec, quick. Before they realize you’re not famous anymore …

  8. Damn it! That’s a great book. WTF would Alec Baldwin be in the movie?

  9. ArtGirl

    So, doing police procedurals is beneath him, but digging through garbage cans in public isn’t? hmm…

  10. “Damn! I think there’s enough here to put together a four-course meal…”

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