1. David Spade rejects 2 input women.

  2. I think he still needs to get a taller hat.

  3. Mark B

    “David, how many times total have you been relevant since leaving SNL?”

  4. Cock Dr

    She needs more botox.

  5. Keep him at arms length.

  6. Inner Retard

    - Piggyback ride, twice!
    - (mumbling through her teeth) I told you, toching me in public costs extra!!

  7. Icehawg

    I am pretty sure I have seen happy before…and she is doing it wrong.

  8. Josephus

    Yeah, not what Bob Barker meant when he told her to have her pussy spayed.

  9. Rob

    Is she always cross-eyed like that?

  10. So, David, if you get this woman into your bed, how many will that be in total?

  11. Dick

    The old “I’ll put this butt ugly truck hat to distract form the fact I’m almost a midget” trick.

  12. As a once famous a-hole once said…”Look, a falling star…make a wish!”

  13. Juan Diablo

    Either he paid $200 or he has her for two hours.

  14. “I talked to her for two minutes before she told me to fuck off.”

  15. “Hey, I paid for 2 hours…TWO…so wait your turn”

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