1. B&WMinstrel

    I’ve no interest in waxworks but I would go to see dead celebrities pinned up like butterflies.

  2. She’s got a body like that and she’s flexible like a gymnast? She couldn’t get any more perfect if she tried.

  3. Cock Dr

    She can probably crack walnuts with those mammoth cheeks.
    She can probably churn homemade ice cream with ‘em.
    I sense a CoCo reality TV show somewhere.

  4. Ice-T has done pretty well for himself

  5. I wish my farts would blast me that high…

  6. tlmck

    That must be one heavy duty pole.

  7. HardyHarHar

    Her Gyno told her airing out her crotch several hrs a day helps cut down on that yeasty crust build-up.

  8. She’s practicing a Tae Kwon Do move on the off chance she gets into a fight with Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

  9. Toe Jam

    Not to be outdone by Tilda Swinton, Coco does a striper pole dance in an atrium. (It’s for art…so, it makes sense).

  10. Rob Liefield became a plastic surgeon?.

  11. Thumbs up for the Rob Liefield reference.

  12. jdo

    Kim K wishes she was like Coco

  13. cc

    She’s actually drilling an oil well.

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