1. Driver passed out after getting a whif of her vagina.

  2. That’s a hell of a wreck. Also, that car is on it’s side.

  3. Cock Dr

    A visual metaphor for 3rd millenium America.

  4. Looks like the garbage truck didn’t pick up the garbage this morning.

  5. Inner Retard

    When you have to choose between looking at her or having an accident evidently it’s not even a question.

  6. What kind of asshole poses in front of a bad car accident?

  7. Josephus

    Isn’t this the perfect summation of Los Angeles? A car flips, and the bitch in the fancy wardrobe can barely be bothered to turn around. And the woman didn’t look, either.

  8. Paramedics first on the scene on the scene rushed to help her, assuming from her face she was partially ejected and crushed by the rolling vehicle

  9. alex

    I’ve never seen a train wreck pose in front of a car wreck before.

  10. Sheppy

    “Oooooh Car crash! Yay!”

  11. Little Doggie Thought Bubble: “Fer Christsake, Lady, this is embarrassing…let’s get the fuck out of here.”

  12. Juan Diablo

    Not the first time she has been on a street corner

  13. tito

    no way that’s a real car accident. no skid marks, no damage to the car or the parked cars. I’m guessing staged for a movie or photo shoot.

  14. man'ti

    Seriously, if you and the other websites would quit posting her crap pictures, she would just crawl back into whatever crevice she same from – I know it’s tough to look away from a train wreck like her, but do it for the children!

  15. What a fucking douchebag.

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